Twitch Film Table Reads are where we take amateur, un-produced scripts for film/tv and read them out loud, in their entirety, on Twitch.

We assign table readers to read each character and one person who reads all the narration.  Our readers are a mix of voice over artists, screenwriters, directors, gamers, producers, novelists, you name it!

We create a video where you can watch the script scrolling on the screen and participate in a chat room as the table read is happening.  Table Reads of full feature screenplays are approximately 3 hours in length — and this includes a discussion about the script at the end.

Most writers do not have the opportunity to hear their work read out loud — but this can be incredibly helpful.  We also learn a lot ourselves by putting on these table reads so it’s really all about improving our craft.

Table Reads are 100% FREE.

Table Reads are broadcast every Friday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST on Twitch.   To keep up to date with the table reads, join our Discord group or check out the Watch Live Now page to watch from our website!

To submit your script to be read, click here.

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