Scriptwax Table Read Services

We’ve enjoyed doing free table reads over this past year, and don’t intend to stop, but it’s become very clear that there is a big demand for table reads. The problem we’ve hit is that we have SO many submissions, we just can’t guarantee to do every single script — nor can we do anything about the long wait time to be chosen. On average, writers wait up to 3 months for their script to be picked for a table read.

Even then, and as great as we feel our table reads are, we’ve wanted to go bigger and better, and that means higher quality and faster service. So we created…Scriptwax!

Scriptwax Table Reads

Scriptwax is a paid table read service for screenwriters who want to jump to the start of the queue and purchase a table read with real voice actors and only the best audio quality. These table reads are not broadcast on Twitch, so there’s no issues with internet dropping out or other technical issues out of our control. The actors are all professional voice actors with only the best microphones and home studio set ups. For more info, check out Scriptwax Table Reads!

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