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Are you ready to hear your script read aloud by real people?  Then it’s time to submit for a table read! Scroll down to fill out the form!

Please note, due to the massive amount of submissions we receive, turnaround time is currently around 5 – 12 weeks. Not all screenplays are guaranteed to be chosen.

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Script Submission Checklist

Step 1 – Review script for typos & formatting.  Scripts that are not properly formatted or that contain multiple typos or errors will not be accepted for a table reading.

Step 2 – Prepare description. This should be a few sentences introducing your project. It should reveal the following:

  • genre (drama, historical, sci-fi, comedy, romantic comedy, horror, animation, etc.)
  • format (television series episode or pilot, feature film, short film, web series, commercial, etc.)
  • basic premise of the story.

Step 3 – Prepare the character list.  We will use this to cast readers. Please only include characters with speaking lines.  Be certain to include the following:

  • Character’s name.
  • 1-line character description – Include personality traits that help an actor read the part, not what the character does in the script.
  • Character’s gender – Please list this as “M” or “F” or “M/F” immediately following the character’s name. If you do not include a gender, we will assume it non-gender specific.
  • Character’s age or age range – Please put this after the character’s gender in parenthesis. Please use numbers (30s) or (mid-20s).
  • A list of all characters including name, gender, age, and one-line description.
  • Please indicate characters who only have 1 or 2 lines. Put (1 line) or (2 lines) at the end of the character description.
  • Please do not list characters that do not have any speaking lines.

If you are unclear on what this should look like and how to format it, please refer to this example character list.  If your list is incomplete, written in all caps, complicated to read, or does not include important details like gender, age range and personality traits, your script may not be accepted.

Step 4 – Join Twitch Film Discord.  If you are not already a member of Twitch Film Discord, you will be asked to join.  You may wait until your screenplay is accepted for a reading, however either the writer, director or producer attached to the screenplay must be an active member.  Join now!

Step 5 – Watch a Table Reading, even if you aren’t directly involved, so you can see how it works and what to expect. You can provide feedback on others’ scripts and this helps pay it forward.

Step 6 – Complete the submission form below. We will notify you if/when your script is chosen for a table read. Most scripts will be accepted if they meet the above requirements, however, to maintain a certain level of quality entertainment for our viewers and table readers,  we cannot guarantee you will be selected. 

Submit Your Script



DURING READING:  If your script is selected, you are welcome to watch live as the table read is broadcast on Twitch.  You may participate in the Twitch chat room, and/or on our Discord server.  During the discussion portion, it’s best to listen to what people say and refrain from responding to comments, other than saying ‘thanks for the feedback’ in order to encourage open, honest conversation about your script following the reading.

LOCATION: Table reads are broadcast every Friday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST on our Twitch channel.   To keep up to date with the table reads, join our Discord group!

RECORDING:  All table reads are recorded and uploaded to Youtube later that night.  You can find all previous table reads on our website.

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